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Our Lady

Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Church is a Roman Catholic Parish. It carries out the pastoral ministry and dispenses grace of salvation to its people.

The peculiar characteristic of this parish is its welcoming hospitality, inclusiveness, respect for the cultural, ethnic, racial, political and economic diversity of its members.

There are 37 different nationalities composing the magnificent mosaic of the church of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart.

The devotions to the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary are central to our sharing of grace with one another.

At the present time, the pastoral care of the parish of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart is entrusted to the priests of the New York Congregation Oratory of Saint Philip Neri. The spirit of “joyful discipleship”, which distinguished the first disciples of Jesus and St Philip Neri himself, inspires our community.




Making All Things New

March 16 Cluster Update

As you know, our southern Rockland cluster of St. Aedan’s, St. Ann’s, St. Catharine’s, St. John’s, St. Margaret’s and Our Lady of the Sacred Heart has been working diligently over the last several months. After many meetings, conference calls, and emails, we have just completed step 2 – the cluster evaluation phase of the MATN process.

As teams, we have studied parish level information, and the evaluation criteria for the 4 areas of focus: evangelization, stewardship, sacramental life and effective administration. We have brainstormed and submitted initial first round recommendations on how we can potentially better COLLABORATE with each other to build a more relevant and vibrant future in how we serve God and our communities. 

The process has been good, but moreover we had a great, committed team. We all agree that it has been a wonderful opportunity to get to know each other, dialogue on important topics and work together to put forth thoughtful, quality recommendations.


The next steps for the following few months are:


1.    The Archdiocese Advisory Group will study parish and cluster level information, which includes our first round recommendations.

2.    After much prayer, discernment and discussion, at their March 25-27 retreat, the Archdiocesan Advisory Group will formulate Preliminary Recommendations with rationales regarding parish structures and ministries for all 75 clusters. This will complete Step 3 of the process for MATN.

3.    The first week in April, the Archdiocese Advisory Group’s Preliminary Recommendations will be sent back to the clusters for their review and response.

4.    Our cluster will once again meet to review the Advisory Group’s preliminary recommendations. We will respond with agreements and/or rationales for recommendations we do not agree upon. Our responses are due back to the Advisory Group by June 1. This will complete Steps 4 & 5 in the 8-Step process.

Thank you again to all our parishioners for your help and prayers throughout this process. Should anyone have any questions / comments please contact your parish core team members:   Fr. Francis, Mary Anne Evangelist, Chair; Karen  Zebiak, Secretary; Keith Buterbaugh, Parish Council; Chris Mahoney, Parish Trustee.

“MATN is a great opportunity for us to come together and step up as vested leaders (clergy and lay alike) in this much needed process of renewal and relevance not only for our parishes and cluster, but across the diocese. May we continue to be inspired by the Holy Spirit, Cardinal Dolan and our Holy Father Pope Francis in this process. As neighbors in Christ, we need to come together and emerge as an even stronger Catholic community that will create a sustainable vision and legacy for the future.” - team members of cluster 58, neighbors in Christ



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 An additional daily Mass has been added, Monday through Friday, at 12:30 PM. If you were not able to have a Mass said on a specific date, please visit or call the rectory to see if that date is now available at 12:30 PM


Mass Book for April, May and June

The Mass Book is open  for April, May, and June 2014. Please reserve your Masses as soon as possible, especially if you need the Mass to be celebrated on a special date.




Parish Contact Information

Please click on the link below to download a form to update your parish contact information.  We would like to be able to contact all parishioners by e-mail whenever possible.  Once complete this form may be dropped off in the Rectory ( 9 AM – 12 PM Mon. – Fri.) or in the collection basket.

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